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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. it is friday, november 25th. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. black friday madness is under way. long lines and a rush to get those door buster deals. emily: a suspect in court today accused in a wild with four boston police officers. the charges he's facing. randy: raw emotion during a high school football game. the local hero this thanksgiving day game honored. emily: first checking in with cindy for a look at your black friday forecast. a lot of folks already out there, cindy. cindy: i would think so. and they're dealing with some fog, especially as you get away from the coastline. take a look at the visibility in the worcester area.
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visibility is a little bit lower. so a little bit of fog out there this morning. the concern is the temperatures, because you can see as you get outside of 495, we're running near the freezing mark, jaffrey, worcester, 35, orange 36. out that way, there could be some slippery spots. keep that in mind. closer to the coastline, we're 40 in boston, mid 40's on the cape this morning. not a lot on radar, fortunately. just some patches of drizzle, some showers across southern new hampshire. otherwise, a lot of cloud cover in will be drizzle. these temperatures starting in the 30's to 40 degrees come up. by noontime, mid 40's. that's where we stay in the afternoon. from time to time today, we'll see periodic showers, some drizzle, so kind of a damp day ahead. keep that in mind. let's get you out to the roads and see how we're looking. kevin in for olessa. reporter: thank you very much.
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light side. we think that's going to be the case throughout the morning commute. wet roadways here and there. shouldn't be too much of a problem. higher elevations could be slippery west of 495. we'll go to the maps. would you believe, yeah, you would. black friday shoppers causing slowing in the wrentham stretch. that's going to be pretty much all day although the rest of the roadways looking good south of town as well as north of town, 93, 95, route 3 out hampshire. taking the trains, keep an eye, red schedule set for red, orange and blue lines. saturday schedule for the green lines. commuter rails, a regular weekday schedule. randy: overnight, word that actress florence henderson has passed away. this is video of henderson taking part in the best years expo less than a month ago along with newscentenewscenter 5's maria stephanos and ben simmoneau.
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brady the beloved mom on "the brady bunch." she died surrounded by family and friends. florence henderson was 82 years old. emily: millions of people across the country are out in the cold, in the crowds shopping and on the hunt for those black friday deals. randy: a lot of excitement. the eyeopener's sera congi is at the toys 'r' us in framingham. sera, good morning. sera: forget about sleep. let the games begin. we're here at toys 'r' us in framingham. things are very busy. very popular toy line. lots of people looking for anything related to alouette and her friends who come out at night. this toys 'r' us opened at 1:00 a.m. a lot of stores opening at midnight competing on other stores opening on thanksgiving itself. black friday sets the tone for
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who are willing to get up and get out early. a lot of bargains until 7:00 a.m. this morning. now, a total of 136 million people are expected to take advantage of holiday shopping this weekend. and that includes online and in-store. that's across the country. so a lot is riding on this weekend for many, many retailers. again, lots of bargains available this morning as well as throughout this weekend. we'll keep you posted everything goes this morning. see how these guys are doing. back to you in the studio. emily: having a little too much fun. at the wrentham outlets shops, stores opened at midnight, crowds lining up hours before then. shoppers are out for the deals but also continuing an annual tradition. >> we do it every year. it's fun. even when i moved, the first thing i did was buy a plane ticket to come back for thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving but also
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emily: and once shoppers have made it through the sales in wrentham, they plan to move on to the next best sale. one shopper will head to new hampshire to get the most for his dollar by not paying sales tax. several big stores have been open since 5:00 last night. the line to get snaked around the best by. they say the deals are worth it. many stores are offering the same deals online. randy: some of the other stories we're following this friday morning, a tragic day for u.s. forces in syria. the first american servicemember has been killed in the battle against isis. this happened thursday when a bomb exploded in the northern part of the country. about 300 elite u.s. troops are in syria training and advising local groups fighting isis. the pentagon is not releasing
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495 south. a young driver -- young adult from norton was killed driving the wrong way on the highway yesterday morning. a second driver, 21-year-old barnstable woman, suffered serious injuries but is expected to recover. investigators are working to determine how the driver got onto the highway going in the wrong direction. suspect accused in an attack on four boston police officers is going to be facing a judge in hours. emily: the eyeopener's dorchester to set the stage. antoinette? antoinette: and that suspect, vincent weaks, is facing charges of afault and battery with a dangerous weapon. he's accused of driving two officers. outside the dublin house bar on stoughton street in dorchester.
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a call of a person with a gun. while questioning weaks, he put the vehicle in gear and hit the accelerator while trying to take the keys out of the ignition, the two officers were dragged about 20 feet. the other two officers were hurt when they were hit by the car. none of them were seriously hurt. all were taken to the hospital as a precaution. as for weaks, he initially got away but police caught up with him a few hours later. live in dorchester this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: antoinette, thank you. right now, boston public schools is reviewing its internal communications and the move follows alleged sex acts performed on a school bus. a spokesman tells "the herald" a comprehensive internal review is underway and, quote, as a result, we expect the superintendent will consider whether any changes are necessary to ensure proper communication is followed internally and with our warns. bps says the incident happened
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bus from boston renaissance charter school. parents were notified on monday, but bps acknowledges that safety staff knew about it on the way of the alleged attack. mayor walsh tells "the herald" the communication breakdown needs to be immediately addressed. randy: president-elect donald trump has sent thanksgiving in florida with his family celebrating and working to put together his cabinet still. trump faces a divided inner circle with varying opinions over who he should pick for secretary of state. trump's senior message. some warn against romney, talking about mitt romney. conway says she's only tweeting what she's discussed with trump in private. romney is considered a serious contender for the spot, but allies of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani are pushing for him to get that job. trump also tweeted on thanksgiving saying that he's working to keep carrier air conditioning company from moving jobs to mexico.
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has talked with trump on the phone. prime minister viktor orban says the president-elect invited him to washington. orban says a hungarian newspaper trump made it clear he thinks highly of the country. he thinks his country's position has improved greatly with trump. randy: schools costing many millions to rebuild. emily: the reason for the hefty price tag. also, a state trooper killed in the line of duty, honored by two high school football tradition. and with thanksgiving under our belt, time to look toward winter. and, skiers, you're going to be happy. the local areas opening up today. cindy? cindy: and we've got just a couple of sprinkles, some areas of drizzle showing up on the radar this morning, but there could be slippery spots outside of 495. the timing on that plus some showers for parts of the area this weekend.
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thanksgiving tradition becomes an opportunity to honor a fallen hero. moralboro and hudson used their holiday football games to remember state trooper thomas clardy, who was hit and killed during a traffic stopin clardy's youngest son, noah, did the pregame coin toss. >> i thought of my husband. it was snowing. i thought that was a sign he was looking down wishing that obviously he was here to see the support from everyone. emily: trooper clardy was from hudson. his widow says thanksgiving was one of his favorite holidays, and he always made a point to
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upon us, it's time to have festive decorations out there. the new day-care on a christmas tradition and -- take on a christmas tradition and how well that is sounding.
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randy: all right. some good news for skiers and snowboarders. several new hampshire mountains have trails opening today. cannon mountain set to open with three lifts. at least eight trails this morning. and six trails open at
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emily: good news. but it doesn't feel cold enough for snow. cindy: not here, but over the course of the weekend, some of the mountains in northern new england are going to get some fresh natural snow, too. it will be cold enough for them to keep making it, especially the state of maine. i think areas of northern maine, you see that blue coloring. that is corresponding to more than 1/2 foot of snow, in some cases close to a foot, over the course of the next three days. by sunday at 5:00 p.m., you can and especially northern maine and parts of northern new hampshire as well. here locally this morning, if you are heading out shortly, just be advised there is some fog out there, particularly away from the coastline. the visibility has dropped to 3/4 of a mile at the airport in worcester, a couple of miles in orange. so we do have the fog out there this morning. and nothing real widespread in terms of rainfall for most of us, but once you get along and outside of 495, there are patches of drizzle. steadier showers toward the new
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spots this morning, because in pockets, the temperatures are pretty close to the freezing mark. you can see jaffrey is 34. orange 36. worcester 35. so it's pretty marginal overall, but just use a little bit of caution this morning. it could be a touch slippery. you get into pots, it's 40 degrees. mid 40's on the cape. out through worcester county, the threat for icing is this morning because as we get into midmorning, you see we're already up to 40 degrees and we're in the 40's this afternoon. it's going a mild day inspite of cloud cover locked in. it's going to be a gray day and damp. we have a storm offshore. there's winds coming in off the ocean. so that onshore east-southeasterly wind keeps the clouds in place throughout the day. as we go through the day even into the afternoon, can't rule out patchy drizzle and showers. damp overall. upper 40's to near 50 around boston. maybe sneak into the lower 50's on the cape. north and west of town, low to mid 40's for highs today.
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showers, patchy areas of drizzle. it's nothing organized, but still hanging around at lunchtime and even into the afternoon and early evening hours, there will be a few showers around. keep that in mind if you're out and about today. we go into the overnight hours and tomorrow morning first thing and things don't change a whole lot. with the cloud cover overnight, we're only dropping into the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. we're going to watch this storm to our south get better organized during the day on saturday. it may throw some showers in especially massachusetts during saturday, but saturday night into sunday it really ramps up to our north and east and that is going to bring in drier air on a gusty breeze on sunday. so i think we actually get back into some sunshine on sunday. it's the brighter weekend today. if you have plans on saturday and you are over inland areas, i do think it's mainly dry, but notice the showers flaring up over southeastern massachusetts through lunchtime and close to the coastline in the afternoon. there could be a little bit of rain. that will pull away on saturday night, giving us brightening skies on sunday.
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as we get towards the middle of next week. i saw 50's, kevin. a warmer pattern settling in. kevin: fantastic. happy thanksgiving. did you have a great day? cindy: i did. kevin: same here. i didn't eat that much. i left room for dessert and all of that. today is black friday, so we are going to keep an eye on those shopping centers and areas around them and such. and we already did see some early morning volume down in that wrem getting off route 1a for the wrentham outlets. rest of the roadways in decent shape although we're seeing volume around shopping areas. downtown not too bad. wet roadways. some areas could be slick in the higher elevations. up to the north, pretty much wide open. looking pretty good 95, 93, route 3 out of new hampshire and back up 128. no troubles by the north shore mall or the burlington mall.
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15 minutes on the mass pike itself. 495 all the way into wesson. very light volume, route 3, 24, 95, even the expressway wide open. emily? emily: thank you. a talking in maine rescued after surviving underground for four days. moxie was at the center of a dog hunt when she snuck past the gate of her montville home. they schnauzer underground and started digging. local firefighters also responding to help. >> there she is. oh, oh, oh. oh, moxie. >> we knew she's here, but we can't find her, and that was really upsetting. and i started panicking, and i was surprised now looking back that nobody hit me in the head with a shovel. emily: the group rescued moxie unharmed and her owner says she
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randy: the massachusetts lawmakers that may be looking to delay portions of the new law legalizing recreational use of marijuana. several state leaders expressed concern about the timeline for implementing this new law. "the globe" reports some legislators have been holding backroom discussions. if they succeed, it could mean retail shops selling marijuana will not be opening until sometime in 2018. cost of skyrocketing now. somerville approved a $257 million reconstruction of its high school. and several other schools are rebuilding with price tags over $200 million. city leaders tell "the globe" the high costs reflect the challenges of competing with the private sector for construction contract workers. emily: a look at the markets now. asian stocks advancing overnight as the thanksgiving holiday in
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stock futures are higher. wall street is open today, but it closes at 1:00 today rather than 4:00 p.m. randy: trending stories today -- a teen accidentally invited to a thanksgiving feast. an arizona grandmother was trying to text her grandson. she sent it to the wrong number, but she followed through with her promise to the stranger, and he showed up for dinn. creating a lifetime friendship. this new decorative set puts a bit of a modern spin on the traditional nativity set. it's known as the hipster nativity set, complete with wise men on segues bearing gifts from amazon prime. it includes a latte drinking mary, a man bun sporting joseph and you guessed it.
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the company selling 500 sets a day. emily: a dayful of football means a day of great game finishes. lynn english and lynn classical was that. lynn english scores with eight seconds to go taking the lead. the flag is down. classical gets another chance and as the clock expires, the players pass the football off. they make it all the way down the field, scoring a touchdown and incredible! randy: yeah. emily: all right. still ahead this morning -- a new effort making a big difference in the opioid crisis. randy: how a new hampshire town has set up a safe station and the impressive milestone one just reached. new on the eyeopener at 5:00, keys to black friday deals. three ways to make sure you're
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. emily: 4:56. it's time for your early news to go. randy: the suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer at michigan ace wayne state university is going to be charged today in court. 29-year-old officer collin rose died a day after he was shot on the detroit campus. investigator s shot in the head while investigating car break-ins tuesday night. officer rose was a five-year veteran of that university's police force. emily: the f.b.i. is investigating a deadly thanksgiving day shooting at a flag football tournament in kentucky. police say two people are dead, four more injured. the louisville tournament is known as the juice ball. it's a local tradition. the city's mayor was there just about 150 yards from the shooting. he was not hurt. at this point, no word on any
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hampshire are making a difference in the opioid crisis. the manchester fire department says 800 people have come in for help. the safe stations are open all day, every day. anyone can come in to get help. no questions asked. the fire department started this program in may, and it has since spread to other cities in new hampshire. emily: a manhunt in california after two inmates escape from prison. police say four inmates tied clothes and bed sheets together and then rappelled down from two were caught by police. the others ran. they're facing firearms violations. investigators are looking into whether the inmates had help from the outside. randy: protestors fighting the dakota access pipeline were standing strong through the holiday. hundreds of demonstrators faced off with police in north dakota. the group wearing body armor as they chanted at police. at one point, an officer addressed the crowd asking why
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emily: the bruins drop a thanksgiving day day to the senators. the b's score in the first period but that would be it. the senators tie it up in the third and score two more in the period. the final score senator 3-1. the bruins, they take on the calgary flame tonight. and that is at home. randy: that turned out to be a pretty decent holiday iner cindy: it wasn't so bad. there was that little bit of rain like you said. kind of a gray day. we could have used more rain, because it was kind of unsettled. we didn't see a whole lot. about 05 in boston is all we got. for the month, we're still below average by more than an inch. for the year, our deficit keeps on growing. we actually are seeing a little bit of activity on the radar this morning. to the north up around haverhill and portsmouth, new hampshire, and up this way, the temperatures near the coastline are well above the freezing mark
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degrees. but over the interior, just some patches of drizzle and mist but temperatures are cold outside of 495. we're in the low to mid 30's right now. there may be one or two slippery spots. keep that in mind. as we go through the morning, temperatures warm up after sunrise. and we're actually going to jump up into the 40's. a little bit milder than yesterday thanks to that onshore flow. that's going to keep cloud cover in place. don't expect any brightening. a gray day you get down to d.c., it's 60 degrees today. you look across the country, there isn't a ton of cold air, so the temperatures are actually going to start to warm up next week. once we get this system offshore to move through, the weather will start to immove. there's some energy to the north that's going to dive down and start to energize this storm to our south on saturday, so during the morning hours on saturday on the cape, there may be a period of rain and then over the course of the weekend, the storm is going to lift northward and
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mountains of maine. we have a warming trend in the forecast next week, but sunshine lurns late in the week and we're breaking it down right now as the eyeopener continues. announcer: now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: breaking overnight, saying goodbye to a tv legend. remembering the late florence henderson. randy: the holiday shopping season starts now. three ways to get the best deals this black friday. emily: getting ready to face a judge, the case against a man accused of police officers. it's on the eye for this friday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: we are inside the toys 'r' us in framingham this morning. that store has been open since 12:30 for those black friday shoppers. we'll see if the early hours were worth it for the customers there. randy: a woman's got her cart full already. cindy says there might be slick


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